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Ace Academy

President's Message


Prashant Gadakh Patil

Mula Education Society, Sonai.

In today’s world of globalization & competition it has become necessary to bring reforms in the current education system to empower our students to be innovators & entrepreneurs. The strong foundation in basic education provided by Yash Academy is bearing the desired fruits. The focus is on the speed, scale and skill as in the coming days, quality alone will survive the cut-throat competition. The aim of education is not the rote-learning bookish marks-oriented knowledge but exploring different techniques and methodologies in making learning a joyful experience towards exploring the unknown and seeking the right. Education is not always giving the right answer. It is certainly, asking the right question.

Education is not filling a bucket but lighting a fire. The education system at Yash Academy seeks to find relevance in process where the prowess of the learner is focused towards the world of wisdom. We venture to provoke and ignite that individual spark which is so inimitable and so personal to every student. Our objective is to help the learner realize the positives of his/her personality and work upon strengthening the same. Dwelling upon the fundamentals of content, the focus is on the creation of an atmosphere where learning is a natural outcome of experience and exposure. We at Yash Academy always believe in strengthening academic along with the inculcation of cultural values in our rural students. The Yash Academy’s objective is to bring best out in every student. Here we strive to foster an effort where the student learns by discovery. It provides each student the opportunity to explore himself/herself so that he/she can judge his/her ability, temperament and aptitude.

We always strive and are committed towards the all-round personality development of our students. The success of our students has always served as a best motivator for us.